Notifications with Monarch on mobile

Get alerted to changes with your money

Customize your notifications to alert you to all kinds of changes to your money. This is a great way to stay on top of your spending throughout the month.

Fully customizable money alerts

Get notified when things happen with your money. You can customize your notifications to fit your needs, and choose whether they are delivered by email or push notification.

Notifications with Monarch on web
Activity feed
View a feed of all the activity going on with your money. You can mark things as read as you go.
Push notifications
Get alerts when they happen on your phone when you have the Monarch mobile app installed.
Email updates
If you prefer email notifications, you can turn off push notifications and just use email.

The modern way to manage your money

Monarch is a growing platform that brings together everything you need to improve your financial health. Join thousands of families using Monarch to achieve financial wellness.