Transaction rules with Monarch on mobile

Auto-categorize transactions with rules

Automatically modify your transactions based on criteria you specify. Set it once and forget it, your future transactions will be updated when they sync based on your rules.

Perfect categorization with just a few rules

We do our best to auto-categorize all of your transactions, and you can also create your own set of rules to give you full control over how your transactions are handled.

Transaction rules with Monarch on web
Define your criteria
Specify what transactions should be updated by a rule. Use merchant, amount, and more.
Preview changes
Make sure your rule is updating the right transactions by previewing the changes before making them.
Update in bulk
You can apply rules to your historical changes, and any future transactions that sync will also be updated.

The modern way to manage your money

Monarch is an all-in-one platform that brings together everything you need to optimize your finances. Join thousands of families using Monarch to achieve financial resilience.