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Monarch is the best Mint alternative

Welcome, Mint users! We've built powerful Mint import tools to help you move all of your Mint data into Monarch, watch the video below to learn more. Use the code MINT50 to get 50% off your first year and a 30-day free trial.

How is Monarch different?

Flexible budgeting tools
Monarch lets you budget your money in a way that works for you. Use rollovers, budget by group or category, and so much more.
Built-in collaboration
Invite a partner to your household for a joint view of your finances at no extra cost. You will each get your own login and a joint understanding of your finances. You can even invite a financial advisor.
Improved data syncing
Monarch uses multiple data providers to optimize our institution sync coverage. This means more institutions are supported, syncs happen faster, and you get clean data for your balances, transactions, and investments.
Powerful investment tools
Monarch tracks all of your investment holdings in all of your accounts, so you can analyze your entire portfolio's performance and allocation.
Responsive customer support
Our customer support team will jump in and help you with any questions, comments, or issues you may think of. We're always here to help!
Contribute to the product roadmap
We let our users vote on the features they want us to build next. We use this information to define our product roadmap to ensure we're always building the best product for our customers.
Modern, intuitive design
Monarch has a beautiful, intuitive, and clean design across web, iOS, and Android. We obsess over the details to make sure every piece of the product is easy to use.
No advertisements
Monarch makes money through a subscription. This means we get to focus solely on improving the product for you, and you never see an ad.
We're alive and well
Monarch is a subscription-based product, which means you pay us to build the best product for you. We're not going anywhere, and we're always improving the experience for you.
No more budgeting
Mint is pushing users to Credit Karma, which does not have any budgeting tools.
Single user
If you want to share your data with your partner, you must share your login and password.
In-house syncing
Mint has built their own syncing infrastructure instead of integrating with the leading data providers.
Limited investment tracking
Mint tracks your account balances, and captures some holding information.
No support
Mint does not offer any kind of customer support from real humans.
No roadmap visibility
Mint does not have a public roadmap available. Users do not know what Mint is working on next.
Outdated design
Mint's website has stayed the same while mobile has changed a lot, making the apps feel disconnected.
The interface is filled with distracting ads. "Special partner" offers cannot be disabled.
Shutting down
Mint is shutting down, and users are being pushed to migrate to Credit Karma, which currently does not have many of the features Mint had.

What our customers are saying

Looking for a mint alternative? THIS IS IT! I wish I switched a long time ago. It does everything mint couldn't. Layout is amazing. Totally and completely worth the money!
It's beautifully designed and it just works, as advertised; Significantly fewer syncing issues than it's competitors.
I tried YNAB, I tried Mint, I use Monarch. So much more intuitive and the UI/UX is delightful.
Monarch is an elegant way of keeping track of my finances. I can make changes on my Android and they're instantly viewable on my Mac.

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