Financial planning with Monarch on mobile

Create a financial plan in minutes

Forecast your cash flow monthly and annually to know where you're headed. We'll notify you if you get off track so you can make adjustments.

A monthly and annual plan you can customize

It's like a spreadsheet that automatically syncs with your bank accounts. Create your own list of categories, forecast your spending into the future, and track your cash flow monthly or annually with no manual data entry.

Financial planning with Monarch on web
Fully customizable
Modify your groups, categories, and even the emojis. You can also change the order of how things are displayed.
Collaboration built-in
Share access to your plan with your partner or a financial advisor so you're always on the same page.
Track your progress
Your budget view tells you how you're doing this month, and helps you stay on track as you go.
Plan for big expenses
Always be prepared for annual lumpy expenses. Simply schedule them once to recur annually.
Test different scenarios
Test out different scenarios and how they impact the long-term view for your finances.
Chart a path to retirement
See how your spending impacts your retirement. Advanced retirement tools coming soon!

The modern way to manage your money

Monarch is an all-in-one platform that brings together everything you need to optimize your finances. Join thousands of families using Monarch to achieve financial resilience.