Monarch vs. Simplifi

Turbocharge your personal finances by switching from Simplifi

Make the leap to Monarch and say goodbye to sluggish interfaces and outdated tools, and embrace a sleek, lightning-fast application that will accelerate your financial journey.

Monarch for Web and Mobile

How is Monarch different?

Modern, intuitive design
Monarch has a beautiful, intuitive, and clean design across web, iOS, and Android. We obsess over the details to make sure every piece of the product is easy to use.
Robust transaction rules
Monarch's product empowers users to craft personalized transaction rules, enabling tailored control over their financial activity.
Built-in collaboration
Invite a partner to your household for a joint view of your finances at no extra cost. You will each get your own login and a joint understanding of your finances. You can even invite a financial advisor.
Real estate and car syncing
Monarch automatically syncs your real estate and vehicle values, so your estimated asset values are always up to date.
Flexible budgeting tools
Monarch lets you budget your money in a way that works for you. Use rollovers, budget by group or category, and so much more.
Free trial period
Try Monarch for free for 7 days, or 30 days when you are referred by a friend.
Contribute to the product roadmap
We let our users vote on the features they want us to build next. We use this information to define our product roadmap to ensure we're always building the best product for our customers.
Full data migration
Monarch will take everything from your Simplifi account, including categories, descriptions, account names, and notes in one single upload.
Function-first design
Simplifi's website and iOS app prioritize functionality over usability in their design.
Limited rules
Simplifi only allows users to change merchant names and categories of transactions.
Single user
If you want to share your data with your partner, you must share your login and password.
Manually tracking options
Simplifi users need to manually enter estimated home and vehicle values.
No rollover budgets
Simplifi does not allow for rollover budgets.
Paid only
Simplifi is a paid-only service, with no option for a free trial period.
No roadmap visibility
Simplifi does not have a public roadmap available. Users do not know what Simplifi is working on next.
Restricted data transfer
Simplifi takes only a portion of your migrated data and accounts must be uploaded one-by-one.

What our customers are saying

Looking for a mint alternative? THIS IS IT! I wish I switched a long time ago. It does everything mint couldn't. Layout is amazing. Totally and completely worth the money!
It's beautifully designed and it just works, as advertised; Significantly fewer syncing issues than it's competitors.
I tried YNAB, I tried Mint, I use Monarch. So much more intuitive and the UI/UX is delightful.
Monarch is an elegant way of keeping track of my finances. I can make changes on my Android and they're instantly viewable on my Mac.

Make the switch from Simplifi to Monarch

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