Monarch vs. You Need a Budget

Go beyond budgeting with Monarch

Monarch's all-in-one money management platform helps families track their entire financial picture and plan for their future. Join thousands of others switching to Monarch, the best YNAB alternative.

Monarch for Web and Mobile
All-in-one money management
Monarch isn't just a budgeting app, it's a complete money management platform that helps you see your entire financial picture in one place.
Built-in collaboration
Invite a partner to your household for a joint view of your finances. You will each get your own login and a joint understanding of your finances. You can even invite a financial advisor.
Powerful investment tools
Monarch tracks all of your investment holdings in all of your accounts, so you can analyze your entire portfolio's performance and allocation.
Long-term planning
Monarch helps you generate a financial plan that stretches years into the future. This helps you effectively plan for your larger financial goals and chart a path to retirement.
Vote on our product roadmap
We let our users vote on the features they want us to build next. We use this information to define our product roadmap to ensure we're always building the best product for our customers.
Modern, intuitive design
Monarch has a beautiful, intuitive, and clean design across web and mobile. We obsess over the details to make sure every piece of the product is easy to use.
You Need a Budget
YNAB is a budgeting tool that focuses on helping people spend less than they make every month.
Single user
If you want to share your data with your partner, you must share your login and password.
No investment tracking
YNAB can track your account balances, but does not track your investment holdings.
Short-term budgeting
YNAB focuses on budgeting the money you currently have so you don't overspend.
Public roadmap
YNAB does highlight what features are upcoming, but doesn't let users suggest new ideas or vote on anything.
Outdated design
YNAB's complicated interface requires a lot of time and effort to learn and navigate.

What people are saying about Monarch

4.8on the App Store
4.6on Google Play
I tried YNAB, I tried Mint, I use Monarch. Soooo much more intuitive and the UI/UX is delightful.
It's beautifully designed and it just works, as advertised; Significantly fewer syncing issues than it's competitors.
Makes it easy to see all my spending across accounts, with no ads and no unwanted advisors calling me.
Monarch is an elegant way of keeping track of my finances. I can make changes on my Android and they're instantly viewable on my Mac.
Product Hunt Best Fintech App 2021 FinalistFeatured in Wall Street HournalFeatured in TechCrunchFeatured in Business InsiderFeatured in Fast Company

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Monarch is a rapidly growing platform that brings together everything you need to improve your financial health. Join thousands of families using Monarch to achieve financial wellness.