Product updates

We're always working on new features and improvements, check back here for the latest updates to Monarch.

Monthly progress view, bulk transaction edit, and more!Monthly progress view, bulk transaction edit, and more!

Review your month so far

Research shows frequently checking in with your finances helps you stay in control. So, we’ve added a new monthly progress feature that gives you a quick way to see where you are in the month across your cash flow, plan, and net worth.

You can also view past months to see how you did at the end of the month.


Bulk edit transactions

Bulk edit transactions

A highly requested feature we've built bulk editing transactions, available first on the web, you can select multiple transactions at once and edit them in one place. You can even hide multiple transactions straight from the Transactions page.


Other Improvements

  1. On the Investments Performance page, we made the headers sortable so you can sort your holdings however you like.

  2. On the web, we added a new Investments dashboard widget. Like all widgets, this can be rearranged on the page or hidden completely.

  3. We added a new push notification for when a new Apple Card statement is ready for import.

Investments (beta) live and more!Investments (beta) live and more!

Investments (beta) live!

We’re happy to announce that our investments feature is now live on Monarch!

 Robust investment analysis has understandably been one of our most requested features. We’ve been working hard on this and are excited to finally share it with you.

 Our investments feature allows you to:

  • Analyze your entire portfolio across multiple financial institutions and accounts

  • Understand your asset allocation across your entire portfolio (including across financial institutions and accounts)

  • See how your entire portfolio is performing against common industry indexes

  • Evaluate investment performance and returns at an institution, account, and holdings level.

  • Much more!

Finally, we will be rolling out a number of improvements to our investments feature over time (including Crypto support!) so it’s only going to get better.

While we’re in beta, let us know if your investment information looks right and share feedback on what would make the feature better. The info you send will go straight to our product team so that we can immediately make improvements.

Spending by Merchant

Spending by Merchant

Now, you can visualize your spending at each merchant per week/month/year the same way you can for a spending category.

Other Improvements

  • Improved net worth chart on mobile. Now you can easily see your broken down by types of assets and liabilities in the mobile app. Live on Android, and included in the next version of iOS.

  • Fixed a bug in the mobile app where we were incorrectly showing zero dollars remaining in a category as over budget with a red indicator. Live on Android, and included in the next version of iOS.

  • Fixed a bug with the CSV download where transactions were not sorted correctly.

Apple Card support, new net worth chart, guest passes, and other improvementsApple Card support, new net worth chart, guest passes, and other improvements

Here's what we added to Monarch in April. Remember, we're building Monarch for you. You can always suggest or vote for features here. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Apple Card import

Good news Apple Card users! You can now import your monthly Apple Card statements to Monarch.

 No need to manually update your balance or transactions anymore. By importing your statement we'll add in all your transactions and automatically apply your rules. Note Apple Card import is only available within the iOS mobile app, see all the details in our Help Center.

Improved net worth chart and sparklines

Net worth chart

You can now easily see your net worth broken down by types of assets and liabilities.

We've also added sparklines to the accounts page so you can see at glance how the balance of each account has changed over time.

Guest Passes

Guest passes

Guest passes let you give away a free month of Monarch to your friends so start sharing now! They'll gain financial peace of mind, and when you share with 20 friends you'll get a special gift! 🎁

This is an exclusive feature only available to our paid members. 🙌 Find your Guest Passes on the web by clicking on your name, or in the mobile app by tapping on the user icon on the dashboard. See all the details about how guest passes work in our Help Center.

Other Improvements

  • Digest Notifications. Now, when your bank account syncs, you'll receive a single notification with all the recent updates to your account instead of multiple notifications at once.

  • Wells Fargo MFA accounts are now supported! Add your account now.

  • Transaction notes are now searchable in the mobile app.

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Customizable dashboard, manual transactions, category management & split transactions on mobileCustomizable dashboard, manual transactions, category management & split transactions on mobile

Another month of Monarch improvements, thanks to your feedback! Please keep suggesting and voting for features here. Keep the suggestions coming, we're building Monarch for you!

Customizable dashboard


Choose how you want to view your information in Monarch. You can rearrange the widgets on web and mobile and even hide them completely. Web and mobile dashboards can be customized independently, so you can set the viewing experience you need.

Manual transactions

March 2021 - Graphic 2

Add any transaction to Monarch! This allows you to track valuables, bank accounts that won't sync, or simply to track cash-on-hand. Note, manual transactions are only available in manual accounts.

Manage categories on mobile


Now you can add / edit / delete your categories and groups directly from the mobile app the same way you do on web.

Split transactions on mobile


Organize your transactions in the moment by splitting them into multiple categories on the transaction's information tab. This is great for purchases at stores like Target, where you may buy a bunch of stuff that needs to be categorized separately.

Other Improvements

  • Added Account Disconnected notifications to the Notification Center.

  • Added an icon to the mobile transaction list for transactions with notes

  • Planned goal contributions on mobile now support cents

  • Fixed a bug where tapping on a planned amount in the mobile app didn't select the entire amount ie your cursor might end up between the 1 and the 2 if the amount was 12.

  • Fixed a bug where attachments on pending transactions were being incorrectly removed

  • Fixed a bug where the cash flow page on mobile was incorrect if you had future transactions

Capital One and Charles Schwab support, transaction receipts, and other improvementsCapital One and Charles Schwab support, transaction receipts, and other improvements

Capital One and Charles Schwab

It's here! Capital One and Charles Schwab now work with Monarch. Connect your accounts now. Find more details in our Help Center.

Attach receipts to transactions


You can now add attachments to transactions on web and mobile for quick access to details. Use notes and attachments together to stay organized.

Other improvements

  • The original transaction date is now visible on web and mobile. If you edit the date of a transaction, now you can still see the original transaction date from your bank.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Android app launched, transaction rules on mobile, and transaction notesAndroid app launched, transaction rules on mobile, and transaction notes

Introducing Monarch for Android

Thanks for your patience Android users! We're happy to announce that the wait is over and you can now install the Monarch Android App from the Google Play Store. Our Android app has the same functionality as our iOS app. Download it now and let us know what you think!

Transaction rules come to mobile


Transaction Rules are "If, Then" statements that apply to your past and future transactions so that you can customize their categorization. They were previously only available in our web app, but now we've added them to our mobile apps as well. Learn more about transaction rules here!

Transaction notes

You can now add Transaction Notes to help you remember the specifics of any transaction.

 Pro tip: You can add hashtags to the transaction notes field and then later find all tagged transactions using the search functionality. Some common examples are #reimbursable, #business_expense, or #donation.

Thanks for being an early Monarch supporter. You can keep an eye on what's coming next and vote for your favorites here.

Force refresh accounts, multi-factor authentication, and other improvementsForce refresh accounts, multi-factor authentication, and other improvements

Here's what we added to Monarch recently. Remember, we're building Monarch for you, you can always suggest or vote for features here. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Force refresh your bank accounts

We aim to update account balances and transactions at least every 24 hours. However, sometimes there may be a delay with a particular financial institution, or you want to see whether a recent transaction has cleared your account.

Well, good news! Now you can manually force a refresh for a particular financial institution. In our web app, simply view your account details page and click on the refresh icon. In our mobile app, visit the account details screen and pull down to initiate a refresh.

Learn more here: Force refresh your bank accounts

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

Now you can add another layer of security to your Monarch account by turning on multi-factor-authentication. To enable MFA, navigate to the Security under settings. Click "Enable MFA" and follow the prompts, and you'll be good to go!

Learn more here: Multi Factor Authentication 

Credit card payments now treated as transfers

December 2020 - Graphic 2

For new users, credit card payments will now automatically be treated as a transfer and included in the "Transfers" category group. This change will not apply to existing customers as we don't want to modify anybody's category taxonomy they may have already customized.

That said, if you're an existing customer you can easily modify this yourself so that your account behaves the same way. Simply go to the Manage Categories page, click on the Credit Card Payment category and choose Transfers in the Group menu. You can always customize your categories from this page.

Other improvements

  • We added more information about the connection status of an institution for disconnected accounts

  • We fixed a bug where cents were being ignored in Transaction Rules. For example, you can now properly create a rule to find all your transactions for $2.99 and categorize them.

  • We fixed a bug where it was possible to delete the Uncategorized category.

  • We fixed a bug where Goal contribution amounts were showing up incorrectly on the Forecast page.

  • We made some styling updates to the Forecast page (more coming soon!) to make it easier to read.

We have a lot planned for next year, thanks for being an early Monarch supporter. You can keep an eye on what's coming next and vote for your favorites here.

iOS mobile app launched, new goals feature, and new planning toolsiOS mobile app launched, new goals feature, and new planning tools

Now available in the iOS App Store

Big news! Monarch is now available on iOS. We've retired our old TestFlight app and published our newest version in the App Store. Download it now.

Set goals to see your progress each month

November 2020 - Graphic

Let us do the math of how much you need to save to reach your goal. Contribute to your goals as your savings grow across your accounts. We'll adjust your plan as you go to help you stay on track. Learn more with with this help article.

Make a plan to see how your finances change over time

November 2020 - Graphic 2

Forecast your income, expenses and savings forward in the same view as your past actuals. See how cash flow changes over time as you add in expected income, expenses and goal contributions. Learn more with this help article.