Transactions with Monarch on mobile

All of your transactions in one place

Be aware of every transaction with one feed containing every income and expense. Easily filter and bulk edit transactions on web and mobile.

Filter and search for any transaction

Monarch makes it easy to see everything going on with your transactions. You can save receipt images or attachments, add notes, and easily filter and search for any transaction.

Transactions with Monarch on web
Save your receipts
Take a picture of your receipts and add them to transactions right from the Monarch mobile app.
Add notes
Add notes to a transaction to explain the purchase with a little more detail. Notes are searchable.
Advanced filters
Filter your transactions by merchant, account, category, date, attachments, notes, anything.
Split transactions
Split transactions into multiple sub-transactions so you can categorize bulk purchases appropriately.
Hide transactions
Sometimes transactions aren't relevant, so we make it easy to hide any transaction from your reports.
Merchant history
See how many times you've spent money at a merchant, and chart how it's changed over time.

The modern way to manage your money

Monarch is an all-in-one platform that brings together everything you need to optimize your finances. Join thousands of families using Monarch to achieve financial resilience.