Apple Card, net worth graph, guest passes

Apple Card, net worth graph, guest passes

Here's what we added to Monarch in April. Remember, we're building Monarch for you. You can always suggest or vote for features here. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Apple Card import

Good news Apple Card users! You can now import your monthly Apple Card statements to Monarch.

 No need to manually update your balance or transactions anymore. By importing your statement we'll add in all your transactions and automatically apply your rules. Note Apple Card import is only available within the iOS mobile app, see all the details in our Help Center.

Improved net worth chart and sparklines

Net worth chart

You can now easily see your net worth broken down by types of assets and liabilities.

We've also added sparklines to the accounts page so you can see at glance how the balance of each account has changed over time.

Guest Passes

Guest passes

Guest passes let you give away a free month of Monarch to your friends so start sharing now! They'll gain financial peace of mind, and when you share with 20 friends you'll get a special gift! 🎁

This is an exclusive feature only available to our paid members. 🙌 Find your Guest Passes on the web by clicking on your name, or in the mobile app by tapping on the user icon on the dashboard. See all the details about how guest passes work in our Help Center.

Other Improvements

  • Digest Notifications. Now, when your bank account syncs, you'll receive a single notification with all the recent updates to your account instead of multiple notifications at once.

  • Wells Fargo MFA accounts are now supported! Add your account now.

  • Transaction notes are now searchable in the mobile app.

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