Assign transactions to a household member for review

Assign transactions to a household member for review

Now you can assign transactions as needs review by a specific person in the household, or anyone in the household. The assignee will receive a notification and see the transaction on the dashboard.

Transactions can be marked as needs review one by one, or automatically via a rule. For example, you can create a rule to assign all uncategorized transactions from a certain financial account to needs review by a specific household member.

Other Improvements

  • Group budgets can now be setup as Rollovers. The same way you can set a category budget as a Rollover, you can set a group budget to rollover to the next month. This can be done from the Category Settings page or directly from the Plan page.

  • On web, the Accounts page now includes options for Quarterly and Yearly. You can view:

    • Overall net worth change quarter over quarter and year over year.

    • Breakdown of how overall assets and liabilities changed quarter over quarter and year over year

    • How individual account balances changed this quarter or this year

  • All cash flow graphs are now shareable and downloadable. There is also an option to hide actual dollar amounts and only show the percents.

  • Added a new email notification for “Daily Top Movers”. If you subscribe, then you’ll receive a dedicated daily email with account balance changes.

  • It’s now possible to undelete financial accounts that have been previously deleted from Monarch. You’ll see them on the Institution Settings page in a disabled state.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the mobile app where the option to invert an account balance was missing.

  • Fixed a bug where, for a brief time, the “Refresh all” button wasn’t working from the Institution Settings page.

  • Fixed a bug on the Split transaction page where if you created a new category, then it didn’t show as available to use until you left and came back to the page.

What’s Next

  • Automatic vehicle value tracking

  • Fixed/Flex budgeting system

  • Goals improvements

Check out our Public Roadmap to see more details about what we’re working on currently and what we’re considering building next. We recently revamped the roadmap to better reflect reality, and make it easier to see what’s recently launched.

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