Force refresh accounts, multi-factor authentication

Force refresh accounts, multi-factor authentication

Here's what we added to Monarch recently. Remember, we're building Monarch for you, you can always suggest or vote for features here. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Force refresh your bank accounts

We aim to update account balances and transactions at least every 24 hours. However, sometimes there may be a delay with a particular financial institution, or you want to see whether a recent transaction has cleared your account.

Well, good news! Now you can manually force a refresh for a particular financial institution. In our web app, simply view your account details page and click on the refresh icon. In our mobile app, visit the account details screen and pull down to initiate a refresh.

Learn more here: Force refresh your bank accounts

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

Now you can add another layer of security to your Monarch account by turning on multi-factor-authentication. To enable MFA, navigate to the Security under settings. Click "Enable MFA" and follow the prompts, and you'll be good to go!

Learn more here: Multi Factor Authentication 

Credit card payments now treated as transfers

December 2020 - Graphic 2

For new users, credit card payments will now automatically be treated as a transfer and included in the "Transfers" category group. This change will not apply to existing customers as we don't want to modify anybody's category taxonomy they may have already customized.

That said, if you're an existing customer you can easily modify this yourself so that your account behaves the same way. Simply go to the Manage Categories page, click on the Credit Card Payment category and choose Transfers in the Group menu. You can always customize your categories from this page.

Other improvements

  • We added more information about the connection status of an institution for disconnected accounts

  • We fixed a bug where cents were being ignored in Transaction Rules. For example, you can now properly create a rule to find all your transactions for $2.99 and categorize them.

  • We fixed a bug where it was possible to delete the Uncategorized category.

  • We fixed a bug where Goal contribution amounts were showing up incorrectly on the Forecast page.

  • We made some styling updates to the Forecast page (more coming soon!) to make it easier to read.

We have a lot planned for next year, thanks for being an early Monarch supporter. You can keep an eye on what's coming next and vote for your favorites here.

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