Manual investment holdings

Manual investment holdings

Manual investment holdings

Monarch tracks the price of 20,000 publicly traded companies and ticker symbols. You can now create a manual investment account and enter the shares you own so that your personal portfolio value can be tracked over time. This works similar to how you can already connect an investment account and track things automatically but you can now track a portfolio without entering a user name and password for the investment account. It also works if you need to fix incorrect data your investment company might be sending to Monarch or just track an account that doesn’t allow Monarch to connect to it yet.

You can even use it to track offline cold storage crypto wallets by manually specifying how much of a coin you own.

And we’ve made some more improvements to the investment section in general:

  • Investment accounts now have a detail screen. Click into an account to see a breakdown of all your holdings for an account.

  • Both the investment ticker and full name are displayed now and on separate rows to make it easier to scan all the holdings

  • Holdings now also have a detail screen that shows a graph of the individual security price and any totals if you hold the same security across multiple accounts

  • You can now delete incorrect holdings in a connected account

  • You can also now add new manual holdings to an already connected account with holdings

Other Improvements

  • The transaction review button now automatically closes the screen so you can move even faster through your review process

  • If you get an error when trying to first connect an account to Monarch it will offer up backup connections if there are any available

  • New calendar icon next to any transaction that is recurring

  • Notifications are now being sent if Monarch finds a new recurring merchant for you

  • Transactions from the same merchant can be marked as recurring or not recurring

  • Transaction filters have a new option to filter for recurring

  • More obvious looking monthly and yearly buttons on the plan forecast.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where transactions were not able to be split into multiple transactions

  • Fixed an issue where manual transactions were not displaying for manual loan accounts

  • Fixed an issue where some customer's names were being pre-filled as “Other”

What’s Next

  • More account connection tools: These new controls will help troubleshoot issues if they come up and give more control over refreshing or checking for updates.

  • Global Search: We’re building a new universal search box that can be used to quickly lookup information across everything you have in Monarch.

  • Goals: The new goals and forecasting system is coming along - its a huge project! This new system will support mapping real transactions and balances to specific goals and estimate when they will be completed.

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