New mobile navigation

New mobile navigation


  • New navigation on mobile: The “Plan” is back in the main 5 navigation items at the bottom now. There is also a new sidebar menu that can be accessed by tapping your user profile icon in the top left to view extra sections and settings.

  • Transactions can now be deleted from a synced account. Also, manual transactions can now be added to a synced account. Balances for synced accounts are still independent of the transactions since the balance is provided directly from the bank.

  • Bulk editing of transactions can now clear tags and notes

  • New “left to plan” footer row in green at the bottom of the budget screen more clearly shows how a budget balances

  • New “Help & Support” menu consolidates the help center, feature request and contact support links. This allows the left navigation to fit on a common 13” laptop screen without needing to scroll anymore.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the privacy screen in the mobile app would not show when switching apps. Also added a dark mode privacy screen.

  • Fixed a bug where some people were not able to upload Apple Card statements

  • Fixed a bug where the category name on the budget screen was not clickable to the category detail screen

  • The QR code for setting up multi-factor authentication now works in dark mode

  • Some deleted transactions were showing back up when syncing. They should stay deleted now.

  • Washington DC was missing from the list of states in user profiles. The US capitol has been restored.

What's Next

  • Investment section on Mobile: This will have much of the same functionality that exists on web today.

  • Cash Flow Improvements: New options to filter cash flow by tag, account, category etc. Also will allow the graph to be grouped by different time intervals such as weekly or yearly.

  • Chart Downloads: Starting with investment graphs you will be able to 1-click download PNG images of any investment graph. Planning to expand to all charts across Monarch.

  • Transaction Review: A new system that will use the rules to mark transactions that need review using criteria such as merchant, amount, category, account etc.

  • Recurring Transactions: A new section in Monarch to view recurring transactions such as bills and subscriptions.

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