Quicker and easier transaction review, and more

Quicker and easier transaction review, and more

This month’s update is all about enhancing a page you likely visit most often: transactions. These improvements make reviewing transactions quicker, so you can spend less time keeping your finances in order and more time enjoying the summer. Let’s get into it!

Transactions Improvements

New filters for quick search: Now you can filter by debit and credit, include or exclude “hidden” transactions, include or exclude synced from institution, and filter for those with attachments, splits or notes.

New sorting on mobile: We’ve also enhanced sorting on mobile to be on par with what’s available on web, including the option to sort by date (old to new) and amount (high to low or low to high).

New buttons for quick review: Now you can hide or mark a transaction as reviewed in a snap with new buttons featured at the top of each detailed transaction page.

More detail for quicker scanning: Category and account details are now included in your main transaction list, so you’ll have less to click through to find what you need.

You'll also see more space on the page for transaction details with a new menu bar that consolidates filters as well as the option to collapse the summary panel on the right hand side.


Additional highlights

Even More to Love About the Sankey Chart: You can now click on categories and merchants for quicker navigation and deeper insights.

New alert for recurring transactions: You now have the option to include recurring transaction alerts in your notification center, and can turn these on or off at any time in your preference center.

Summer Referral Bonus: From now until July 10th, refer friends and family to get a year (or even years) of Monarch for free. You’ll earn $33 in credit for each friend who becomes an annual subscriber, and they’ll get an extended free trial plus 50% off the annual plan. Find your link by clicking on “Summer Referral Bonus” in the left hand side panel on both web and mobile.

Community: Help us in welcoming Sheyla, our new community manager! You’ll see her in Reddit as well as other social channels, helping answer questions, providing updates and learning more about your needs so Monarch can make managing your money even easier.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to filter to transactions with an amount of $0.

  • Fixed a bug in Reports where the merchant filter was not returning all merchants.

  • Fixed a bug in CSV Downloads where the merchant filter was not filtering correctly.

What’s coming next

Rapid Transaction Review: quickly review, edit, or hide new transactions with a swipe.

Rules for Split Transactions: more automation, less time spent categorizing. Split common transactions by percent, dollar amount, or a number of other rules you can customize to ensure your transactions are categorized in a way that makes sense for you.

Integrating Bill Due Dates: soon you’ll be able to see, track and manage due dates for bills within Monarch, giving you the insights you need to better plan your cashflow and never miss an important bill.

We know this feature is eagerly awaited. It has admittedly taken us longer than anticipated to find a data partner that can provide the coverage, accuracy and reliability we require for this feature. We are now testing with our third (!) partner and believe we have a winner. We’ll update folks on an expected timeline after we’ve completed our internal testing.

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