Tags and CSV import

Tags and CSV import


Tags can now be created and assigned to transactions. Pick your favorite color and apply as many tags as you'd like to organize your transactions. Monarch has some default tags for you to start with: taxreimbursesplitbusinesssubscription. There are also default tags for each member in your household to help organize joint vs individual transactions. You can edit or delete any of these default ones or create entirely new ones.

We plan to add tags to filters, rules and a bunch of other places in Monarch over the next few weeks so look out for them and start setting up your favorite tags!

CSV Import

We've seen a lot of people move from Mint to Monarch so we wanted to create an easy way to bring all your data with you. You can now import a Mint CSV with all the accounts and transactions exported from Mint. The default Mint categories are mapped to system categories in Monarch or if you've created custom categories those will be imported as well. Read more details about how to import from Mint here.

The CSV import can also be done for individual accounts so if your bank doesn't offer a connection to Monarch or you'd prefer to manage data manually you can import CSV's to an individual account. Read more about how to import an individual account CSV here.

Other Improvements

  • There is a new flow for searching and adding accounts. Institutions are organized by type and search is much quicker while showing if there are reported outages.

  • iPad now shows a full 13 months of net worth now to take advantage of all that screen space.

  • The "apply" button was removed from the filter box on the Transactions page. Filters apply instantly now so they are even faster.

  • The blue banner at the top of the Plan page to "save changes" when making multiple edits was removed. Changes are now saved instantly which is much faster and safer if you forget to hit save before leaving the page.

  • You can now link a Coinbase account to Monarch on the mobile app

What's Next

  • Rollovers - the development on this is nearly complete and we're just wrapping up testing so this should be released soon so you can setup rollovers for your 2022 budgets!

  • Roadmap - December marks the 1-year anniversary of Monarch launching (many of you may have signed up for the beta even earlier than that). Over the past year we've received tons of great ideas and many of the biggest features were driven by member feedback. We recently added a ton more ideas to the roadmap based on member suggestions. Check it out and vote/comment on things you'd like to see in Monarch to help us plan for 2022!

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