Transaction review

Transaction review

Transaction Review

The new transaction review system lets you mark transactions as needing review or already reviewed. You can set the review status automatically using if-then style transaction rules or manually. Once your system is set up you can enable alerts via email or push notification. A new dashboard card shows a quick list of transactions that need review right when you open Monarch. Here are a few ways you might use the new system:

  • Mark transactions from super stores like Amazon, Costco or Walmart as “needs review” so we can split them into more specific categories

  • Mark transactions as “already reviewed” if our rules touch them. Only notify us when transactions are not processed by rules so they can be reviewed manually

  • Mark big transactions over a certain amount as “needs review”

  • Any accounts or credit cards we are keeping open but don’t actively use should have all transactions in them marked as needing review

  • Set a Venmo account as “needs review” so we can categorize things correctly when splitting bills or paying friends and family (Venmo support is coming very soon!)

Other Improvements

  • Cash flow can be grouped by Quarters now. Live on web and in the next mobile app update

  • Cash flow has new options to filter by account or tag - live on web, on mobile soon

  • Under “edit account” there is new account visibility options to hide transactions, balance history or exclude an account from cash flow or budgets

  • Under “edit account” the type and subtype lists are now combined into 1 simple account type list with their acronyms unpacked

  • Bulk edit on transactions now has a delete button. Be careful! Web only, on mobile soon.

Bug Fixes

  • The investment graph on mobile loads much faster, particularly when switching time periods

  • Some notifications in the mobile app weren’t loading transaction details when tapped

  • Filtering “by Merchant” and “by Year” in the cash flow section sometimes weren’t showing all matching transactions

  • Adding tags to multiple transactions in the mobile app sometimes was failing

What’s Next

  • Venmo: This is in in the final stage of internal testing with employee accounts and will be released in the next few weeks.

  • Recurring: The next major new section in Monarch is coming along well and will help you detect and track bills or subscriptions.

  • iOS Widgets: The first 2 widgets for tracking budget amounts and cash flow categories will be released soon.

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