Venmo support is here

Venmo support is here

You can now connect your Venmo account to Monarch! Venmo accounts show up with balances and transactions like other bank accounts or credit cards. Transactions will include the original Venmo description and payer/payee which should make it easier to categorize or create rules around them. You can even connect multiple Venmo accounts if you and your partner have separate Venmo’s.

Other Improvements

  • System categories can now be renamed on the web app. Previously this was only in the mobile app. This makes it easier to personalize system categories while still using Monarch’s built-in categorization engine. For example you can rename ”Gas & Electric” → “Electric” if you don’t have gas service.

Bug Fixes

  • Zillow connections are now back up and running after a little bit of down time due to some API access issues. If you weren’t able to add a new Zillow connection you should be able to now and if you had an existing Zillow account the values should be updating regularly again.

  • Rollover budgets with unplanned amounts for the current month couldn’t have their rollover amounts moved to another budget category. Now you can move the remaining rollover to a different budget and they are shown inline with other budget categories instead of hidden behind the unbudgeted categories at the bottom.

  • Apple Card monthly statement imports weren’t triggering the new transaction review system. Now they are!

  • Hidden or closed investment accounts were still showing up in some parts of Monarch, now they will stay hidden everywhere.

  • The color for fixed income investments blended into the background in dark mode. It now has a more contrasting color.

What's Next

  • Merchant logos and name cleanup: We’re planning a big upgrade to the system used for merchants which is the name you see on transactions that is cleaned up by Monarch (ie "MCDONALD'S F7475 000MADISON CT" → "McDonald’s"). This will include better text cleanup and a dedicated page to review all your merchants so you can edit/combine them. It will also mean logos appear next to merchants in Monarch!

  • Recurring Bills & Subscriptions: The merchant logos and names was a big part of setting up the new recurring section so expect this fairly soon!

  • iOS Widgets: We’ve hit a bit of a snag on this so it’s taking longer than expected but we still plan to release our first 2 widgets soon for tracking budgets or cash flow categories.

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