Your 2022 year in review

Your 2022 year in review

Year in review

Start the new year off with a review of your financial progress in 2022. Similar to the monthly review, Monarch has a new year in review feature to show trends for your net worth, cash flow or budgets. See how much you saved last year, what month was your best, and the top merchants you shopped with the most.

Other Improvements

  • Dashboard spending graph now has interval options to change from this month vs last month to this week vs last week or even this month vs this month last year

  • New button to mark transactions as reviewed right from the transaction page or dashboard card without opening the details

  • If you have Venmo transfers on a bank account but haven’t connected your Venmo account to Monarch yet you’ll see a little notification to encourage you to connect so your Venmo’s can be categorized accurately

  • Closed financial accounts can now be reopened

  • Manual investment accounts can now be created while adding a manual holding

  • Investment timeframe filter was moved from a menu to the header for quicker access

  • CSV exports use negative numbers for expenses and positive numbers for credits

Bug Fixes

  • Recurring amounts were showing the opposite signs (expenses were +/green and income was black) - things are correctly inverted now

  • Order of accounts on the investment filter now respects custom sort orders on the accounts page (instead of alphabetical)

  • Timestamps on when a rule last updated a transaction now work with Apple Card imports

  • Rules show the correct label of either original statement or merchant name instead of just “merchant”

  • Deleting a split transaction in the mobile app sometimes caused a crash - now fixed

  • The mobile app sometimes showed “currently syncing” and spun forever - now fixed

  • Holdings can now be added to manual investment accounts in the mobile app

A new version of goals is coming 🎉

We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a complete overhaul of the Goals system in Monarch in the coming weeks. This new version will help you plan more effectively and address the feedback we have received for the existing Goals system.

When we release this version, we will be sunsetting the existing version. As a result, you will lose some of the history associated with your current Goals in Monarch. You will still have your Goals, target amounts, and budgets, but we will be switching to using your real transactions to track your contributions instead of Monarch's system of contributions. Contact us if you have any questions.

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