Professional financial advice at your fingertips

Natalie Taylor, CFP®, BFA™
Professional financial advice at your fingertips

I’m Natalie Taylor, Head of Financial Advice at Monarch, and I have the pleasure of announcing our newest feature - Advice! 

Until now, financial advice has been missing from personal finance apps. Even with all your accounts and transactions connected in one place, most apps only tell you what you've already done, not what you should do next. And although some apps provide some level of “advice”, it’s often designed to sell you something.

We wanted to create a new option for advice - more personal than researching topics on your own, and more accessible than working with a financial planner. Our goal is to put the right insights and tools at your fingertips to empower you to create, track and execute your own financial plan. 

From buying a home to saving for retirement to getting the right insurance coverage in place and more, Monarch advice is designed to help you accomplish the goals you care about and find the right balance between competing priorities. 

Here are our commitments to you as we launch the Advice experience:

  1. High Quality: Our advice is based on sound financial planning principles and optimized to be actionable in real life.  

  2. Transparent: Our advice is here to help you - no hidden agenda. We don't sell ads or financial products, and we don’t sell your data. 

  3. Fiduciary Commitment: We choose to hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard which means the advice we provide puts your interests first, plain and simple. 

  4. Balanced: We believe that good advice balances saving and spending, enjoying life today and planning for the future, investing and paying down debt. 

In our beta Advice experience, we curate advice based on your answers to a few brief questions. You’ll see a section called “Priorities” which includes the topics you choose, and a section called “Essentials” to help you build a strong foundation. You can check off tasks you’ve completed and track your progress within each topic.

This is the start of a new chapter for Monarch and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re always working to improve our product and bring more value, so we’d love to hear about your experience with the new Advice experience!

Natalie Taylor, CFP®, BFA™ Head of Financial Advice at Monarch

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