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Answer 8 simple questions to better understand where you are with your financial health. This quiz is based on years of research done by the Financial Health Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans build financial resilience.
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Which of the following best describes your household spending over the last 12 months?
Spending was much less than income
Spending was a little less than income
Spending was about equal to income
Spending was a little more than income
Spending was much more than income

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What to do if you're financially vulnerable

Being financially vulnerable (scores ranging from 0-39 points) means you are probably having a hard time keeping up with your bills and expenses, which could put you in a tough position if a surprise expense comes up.

Some of Monarch's tools, like the spending insights feature, or the budgeting feature, can help you stay on top of your finances so that you can level up and build more resilience.

What to do if you're financially coping

Financially coping (scores ranging from 40-79 points) likely means you are doing really well in some areas of your finances, but are a bit behind in others. The goal is to continue building resilience in the four primary areas of your financial health so that you'll be ready to handle an emergency expense if it comes up.

Depending on your specific needs, Monarch has a ton of great tools for mastering all aspects of your financial health. Browse all of the features here.

What to do if you're financially healthy

Being financially healthy (scores ranging from 80-100 points) likely means you are successfully managing all of the core pillars of your financial health. Great job! If you fall into this category, the goal for you is to stay on track, and revisit your goals every few months to make sure you are working toward the future you want for yourself.

Monarch has some great financial tools to help you stay on track and chart a clear path to achieving your goals. Check out our financial planning feature, and our goals feature to learn more.

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