When is Mint shutting down?

Ozzie Osman
When is Mint shutting down?

Intuit has announced that Mint.com is shutting down as of March 23, 2024. Mint users can migrate their accounts to Credit Karma before that date, but if they do, they will lose all access to Mint (apart from being able to download their transaction history). Mint users who choose not to migrate can continue using Mint until March 23, 2024.

Credit Karma does not have the same feature set as Mint.com. Monarch Money provides much more than Mint or Credit Karma, including:

  • The ability to budget (absent in Credit Karma)

  • Built-in collaboration with a partner, financial advisor, etc (absent in both Mint and Credit Karma)

  • Responsive customer support

  • More modern design

  • No advertisements

  • ... and much more!

Whether you decide to try Monarch Money or not, you can use our free Chrome extension to export your Mint.com data in a few clicks. If you do decide to try Monarch, you can easily import that data as well.

Ozzie Osman Co-founder, Head of Engineering

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